How To Create A Profitable Blog Using WordPress

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Mass Traffic App

ITM Internet Time Machine


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Youtube Keyword Research Tool

Youtube Keyword Research Tool

Learn the secrets of the best Youtube Keyword Research Tool available on the market today hands down!

Market Samurai

 Please Note: This video tutorial was created using an earlier version of Market Samurai and is in process of being updated. In the mean time, here are the new settings we recommend:
SEOC: 30,000


In this lesson we’ll be exploring the concept of long tail derivative keywords and how to use them to attract organic traffic to your website.

Specifically we’ll looking at:

(1) Expanding your keyword framework
(2) Understanding what long tail keywords are
(3) The difference between long tail derivative keywords and semantic long tail keywords
(4) How to find long tail keywords using Market Samurai

(Youtube Keyword Research Tool)

The Keyword Tree

To begin with, I’d like to introduce you to a concept we call the ‘Keyword Tree’ which is a good way to visualize the framework necessary for building a keyword optimized website that attracts organic traffic.

Trunk = Theme Keyword

Previously we discussed the process of identifying a theme keyword which becomes the main focus of your website. This theme keyword is equivalent to the trunk of your keyword tree.

Branches = Category Keywords

We also discussed how to identify several category keywords which were related to your theme keyword and also had a reasonable amount of traffic and an acceptable level of competition. These category keywords make up the branches of your keyword tree.

Long Tail Derivative Keywords

Today, I’d like to introduce you to two additional types of keywords.

The first type are called Long Tail Derivative keywords

Semantic Long Tail Keywords

…and the second type are called – Semantic Long Tail keywords.

These keywords give your website greater breadth and relevancy and are equivalent to the leaves on your keyword tree.

So let’s take a look at each of these new keyword types in more detail.

What Does Long Tail Mean?

In case you’re wondering what the term long tail actually means, a ‘long tail’ keyword is simply a phrase that contains several words. The more words in the phrase, the longer the tail.

Long Tail Derivative Keywords

Long tail derivative keywords are those that actually include the root keyword phrase. The easiest way to understand this is to look at an example.

Let’s say that your theme keyword was ‘sleeping bag’

A long tail derivative of this keyword might be ‘british army sleeping bag’.

As you can see in this example, the root keyword phrase ‘sleeping bag’ is contained within the long tail phrase which is why it is called a derivative.

Semantic Long Tail Keywords

Now semantic long tail keywords are phrases that do not contain the root keyword phrase exactly but are still semantically related.

So with the sleeping bag example, a semantic long tail keyword might be ‘mountain slumber bag’.

In this example, the initial keyword phrase ‘sleeping bag’ is not actually part of the long tail keyword phrase, but Google still sees them as being related.

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How to Increase Website Sales

See how we boosted our sales by 200%!

How to Increase Website Sales – Part 1

Checklist Mentioned in Part 1 (Opens in new window)

How to Increase Website Sales – Part 2

How to Increase Website Sales – Part 3

How to Increase Website Sales – Part 4

What You Will Learn To Help Increase Your Website Sales!

1. Space to think – learn how, by carving out just 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to look through your website with “fresh eyes”, you can be your own “high priced consultant”. I’m certain if you’ll do this, you’ll write a long list of solid opportunities for sales growth.

2. Logical flow – in almost every market, you’re dealing with time poor, stressed and “damn busy” prospects. It’s our job to make the journey from a prospect’s first exposure with us through to the sale both logical and free from unnecessary distractions.
This may sound obvious, but the internet is full of marketers misdirecting their prospects and wondering why nothing sells. This problem is endemic!
We’ll look at how a logical break in your sales process will cripple even the hottest offer and best sales copy. Streamline your website ‘flow’ and give your sales a serious boost.

3. Confusion – I have this mantra scribbled on a pink sticky note below my monitor “the confused prospect doesn’t buy”. This means that before we try to sell anything, we must help our visitor orientate themselves. They must feel comfortable and know where they are. Then when we present our sales message, we must use copy, layouts and graphics that make our message simple to understand.
Remember! The dreaded back button is always there, looming at the top of our page and the moment our prospect has to think a little too hard, or work to find something on a page, they’re gone in a click (and they never ever ever come back!).
We’ll also look at the different elements of your sales message and how to test them, and I’ll share a handy tip I use to get great copy quickly when consulting with clients.

4. The Power of Specificity – Learn the value of moving from general and ‘easy to dismiss’ sales claims to ‘sit up and take notice’ specific and punchy copy.

5. Upping Your Sales Copy – We’ll discuss techniques you can use to quickly improve your own sales copywriting skills as well as when and how you should consider engaging professional copywriters to help you.

6. Cialdini’s Seven Universal Persuasion Techniques – We take a tour through seven proven and universal human persuasion techniques (each of which can be applied directly to your website to boost conversion).

7. Segregating Channels – Discover how by better matching your message to different market segments, and then duplicating your most profitable segments, you can systematically increase profits.

How to Increase Website Sales?

a) A Market Dominance Case Study – how, by focusing on conversion, a technically clueless website owner become Australia’s second largest online retailer in the tennis niche.

Try Market Samurai For Free!

b) The Main Reason Why Most Folks Still Don’t Test! – We’ll dig a little into the concept of ‘silent rejection’. I argue that this is the number one reason why website owners (even those with a deep understanding of testing & conversion), don’t take the simple steps they know they should to drive up their sales.


Ignoring Conversion


I’ve never heard anyone speak on this before, but once you realize just how much ‘silent rejection’ you’re getting (every hour of every day), I expect you’ll get super motivated about boosting your own conversion rates.

c) How Testing Works – We take a look at the basic mechanics of online testing (e.g. how it actually works). The good news is, understanding online testing is really quite simple (the explanation takes less than 2 minutes).

d) Intro to Google’s Website Optimiser (aka GWO) – this is the free tool we use and recommend. I attempt a high level overview of how GWO weaves its magic. I should note, for specific details about GWO, I recommend the Google Website Optimizer Tutorials and Videos Page.

e) Where To Test – And finally, before you charge off & start testing your site, we’ll discuss where in the online sales process you should focus your testing efforts for optimum results


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Content Marketing Strategy Example

Content Marketing Strategy ExampleContent Marketing

It doesn’t matter how well you strategize, optimized, glamorize, and ‘everything else’-ize your website content, someone has to take ownership of it or it falls into disrepair.  Like an abandoned home, the Content Marketing Strategy Example within your website begins to lose sync with your external content marketing and will start to look like a run-down property that’s long been left to ruin.

Owning the content on your website isn’t enough though – you need to be excited and passionate about your content marketing.  You need to really recognize the purpose of strong website content within your content marketing campaign and commit to making sure that your content always stays relevant to your target audience.

Like a beautiful and functional home cared for by a loving homeowner, your website needs you.

When Content Marketing Need Help

A home with weathered siding and an unstable foundation needs a lot of work and its need for help is visible from a long way off.  Website copy within your content marketing campaign in need of care…

  • Lacks purpose and direction
  • Suffers from too little or too much information
  • Dead end’s without a call to action
  • Is overly complex or insultingly simple
  • May be riddled with typo’s and grammatical errors
  • Is often laced with broken links
  • Tends to be inaccurate or outdated

When you flip the scenario and look at quality copy within your content marketing campaigns, you begin to see how a well-tended “home” can better serve you and your target audience.  Content marketing in good hands…

  • Serves a specific purpose
  • Is of the right length to make its point clearly
  • Is action oriented to direct the reader with appropriate calls to action
  • Will never be boring and is always engaging and interesting
  • Tends to be well written with consistent and appropriate tone
  • Functions with clear and clean navigation
  • Remains updated and accurate

Read Complete Article Here “Click Blog In Nav Bar”:

Content Marketing Strategy Example

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Outsource Online Marketing

If you believe you can do everything by yourself then you are totally wrong! A lot of the top online marketing professionals outsource their online marketing!

Recently I cashed a commissions check and I decided to see the source of my marketing “My Main Website“. I knew sales were a little slow so I decided to ask my girlfriend and a few others to evaluate my website.

Today I checked Google and they upgraded my website from a PageRank of 3 to a 4! This generated a fire under my butt!

Please check the website when you get the chance and let me know what you think in the comments box below.

Thank you in advance and if you would like to purchase any of the online marketing tools I present you will be rewarded with a smile and free training by me personally if you like!

Website: Outsource Online Marketing

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Here is a recent Interview I did with the founder Richard Parry of

The Dental Revolution!


(Turn up the volume on your PC and click play >) 39:26 Min.

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Social Media Content Aggregator

Social Media Content Aggregator

Content Syndication – Build Trust When the Traffic Comes Back to You

Content syndication may very well bring traffic flowing back to your site in massive waves but how do your landing content syndicationpages receive that traffic?  Even if you think that you have a strong sales message and a great opening hook, you need to question whether or not you’re really reducing the friction and anxiety of your prospects when they hit your landing page.

Content syndication can bring the rain but it’s up to you to make sure the crops grow

Ultimately there are a lot of factors that determine whether or not your target audience is going to convert well (or not) but at the heart of every business transaction there’s a certain level of trust that’s necessary for people to order from you.

Content syndication around quality content is a good start but your landing pages have to reinforce that trust.  Here are 3 ways to build on that trust after the content syndication does its job.

Content Syndication & Landing Pages – Add the Best Testimonials

Content Syndication & Landing Pages – Add Symbols of Trust

Content Syndication & Landing Pages – Make Your Privacy Policy Accessible

Read Full Blog Post Click On “Blog”: Social Media Content Aggregator




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Back Door SEO Techniques

There are many ways to get found on the first page of the major search engines. Today I will focus on Google.

Google is very unique. It makes people a lot of money yet it can also pull the rug right out from under your feet! In this post I want to explain a few Fool Proof Methods that really work to get you 1st page placement.

SEO Basics (Keyword Placement):

  1. Whether you are doing a blog post or a website they all have a META section for Keywords, Description, Title Add the keyword at the beginning of all but blend it into the text to make it look as natural as possible.
  2. Add Keyword in the (html code = <H1>Keyword</H1>) H1 title of the blog post or headline of the web page.
  3. Put the keyword in the 1st 90 characters as close to the beginning of the 1st paragraph and if you can, turn it into a hyperlink as well.
  4. Sprinkle the keyword in the body of the text you are typing I like within every 100 words or so but be sure not to spam it all over!
  5. Add the keyword as an alt tag in the images you add to the post also.
  6. Put the keyword somewhere in the footer of the page.

This can then be followed by a backlinking campaign to show Google that other pages on the web like it. See backlinks as Votes from other sites that have to do with the subject you are talking about. Google likes when things are from different IP addresses and from all over the web including Social Media which is huge right now!

I would also encourage a nice video blasting campaign that has the link in the description followed by an article campaign.

Of course the placement on Google of your webpage or blog post will be determined by the POWER OF YOUR KEYWORD. This is an art form to find the best keywords but thankfully technology has given us the ability to use powerful keyword finding tools.

Everything I mentioned above can be done with a little hard work and determination yet why make things hard?

I use the best SEO tools available online today that will acomplish what I mentioned above faster and more easier than you could ever imagine and so much more.

Do your own research today…

Here are the links to the tools I use daily for online SEO success:

SYNND.ComMarket SamuraiTraffic Geyser


Matt Fusinato

1st Page Placement, Back Door SEO Techniques

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