No headline just typing because I can it is My Blog and I can do whatever I feel like. Well you could do the same everything I do here is easy to duplicate. Can you type? Can you upload a photo? Now yes there are things that take a little or a lot more skill but if you want to succeed in something then you need to research the subject and if you want to make money you have to learn from people who are already making what you wish to make

Why learn from broke friends or your broke Uncle? They could at times have a few good points here and there that you may want to keep in mind for later. Yet if you are with the desire to see results in your favor financially then you need to shift your focus. Lose a few friends along the way who were dead weight to your new journey anyway and start relationships with a few Top earners in the occupation that you are in.

Yes it is a journey when you know what you are learning and implementing right now could make your future look like such a more happier pleasant place to live in financially and debt free sporting a healthy cleaner lifestyle.

I am not trying to say that where I am right now is horrible. I have a nice place here in Miami, Fl 24 floors up beautiful sun rise daily to look at. Just sharing a few thoughts on my current situation. Yet I admit I am guilty of desiring more wealth and better health in the very near future. Just the fact that I am typing this from my brain to my fingers to my computer it is sending out this powerful breathing vibration through my blog to you.


RESEARCH, BUILD AND RELAX… These three words have kept me on track for over 20 years now. So even when some people may think that I am off track and doing something that they think could slow me down. I may be in my mind at a research stage and not in the mood to build just yet. All of the pieces of the puzzle need to be in place. I need to feel 100% confident that I can lay a good foundation before I go and build my fortune.

Hopefully some of this makes sense to you.

There is a time for each stage when you are building you cannot relax yet the same when you are relaxing you cannot do much research.

I used to have a nice Hemp rope necklace in my early 20’s and it had 3 marble style beads in the front. Looked super cool for the times. I held each of them and labeled each of the marble beads RESEARCH, BUILD, RELAX I knew from that day on that every time I would wear it I could be more powerful  and move mountains or something like that! To this day I do not know where that necklace is but I have lived by them three words and I attribute it to a lot of my success.

So in closing  if you have your own inner words of encouragement that you live by then that is super cool and don’t change a thing. I give you or any one reading full permission to copy RESEARCH, BUILD, RELAX!

I also give any of you reading this far down permission to join me in my journey and together lets make it our journey together with the desire for more wealth and better health using and implementing proven systems handed down and tested by multiple six figure Top earners! Learn More

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