Gonna try and keep this one short and sweet. Lately I have been reading 2 great books one from Mark Yarnell and the other from Brian Carruthers. Both have a great unique style of teaching Network Marketing and I have learned a lot. 

One thing I have learned is that you have to recruit through people meaning even if you think they may be a dud and not do anything in with their new business that is okay! Many times you are able to tap into their list of people with and for them and lets say a few months down the road a friend of theirs they recruited becomes a top player in the organization and the one you recruited personally quit.

When it comes to residual income and pay structure even if the person you recruited quits then all of the people they worked to get all of the sudden become yours directly and any pay they generate you get a percentage! Let that sink in a little bit…

Some will, some won’t so what!

Personally right now I am in a company that has been wildly successful for over 5 years now. My wife and I are looking for people that we can help to create an additional form of side income that can help with the bills part-time or if you would like to travel the world and be debt free then you can perhaps try this full-time.

There is absolutely zero cap to the finances you can achieve when it comes to owning your own business in Network Marketing. This is the beauty of it all. You are your own boss and if you are willing to learn a skill and follow a proven system then this may be for you…

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