Me In the Bahamas Hello WWW my name is Matt Fusinato you can Google my name and see thousands of things I have created online, most of it has to do with Online Marketing and Business Internet Professional Marketing Software / SEO. Just recently I started seeing some real results and so I decided to share my online success story with the world wide web.

I uses to be deep into Network Marketing when I started out with a Travel company called YTB Your Travel Biz. It was cool but I was not making the money I was told I could make and I guess I can only blame myself for that in a way?

My search for more information for an easier way to make money without having to be a walking commercial to friends and family turned me on 1st to Ann Sieg Author of The Renegade Network Marketer she heard my story and even interviewed me and added my interview on one of her projects! Then from there I was trained live by Mike Klingler in Renegade Professional I learned a lot from his live webinars that really taught me the ins and outs of social media.

My shift from network marketing to training and SEO came very shortly. I mastered a lot of advanced SEO techniques it is even hard for me to type here since I am not thinking of when and where to put the keyword since there is none in this it is all freestyle! I am by nature a Poet and the thought of making money with my words alone online really caught my attention.

Recently I decided to go back to Business Internet Professional Marketing Software training and I was turned on to this guy Alex Jefferys. He was personally mentored by Mike Filsaime so I knew he had a solid grasp on how the whole game was played since he is very successful in teaching others to become a professional marketer online.

My training with Alex has taught me so much along with my other great mentors. I feel it is time for me once again to show others who are advanced or especially just getting started how to get noticed and generate more traffic online by targeting the pain and needs of the cold market (People You Don’t Know). Continuously on this blog you will find some of my own training that I recorded along with as much free training from my mentors. This blog is not about pushing a product yet I would like it to be an example of how one person finds another online, learns a valuable lesson for free, and then moves on in life while still Subscribing To This Blog so you will receive updates as they come along.

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