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Recently i was looking into the whole aspect of article spinning and I came across a few cool links that I would like to share to my friends/subscribers!

Let me explain a few things about spinning an article 1st… When you see this {word1|word2|word3|word4} in the spinning process then everytime you spin the article there will be a new word in the new article word1,word2,word3,or word4.

So that being said I will get straight to the point and the link to these free tools.

  1. Cut and paste your original article right in the 1st box
  2. Add CAPTCHA then click Generate Synonyms
  3. Next box you can click each word you want to be a new synonym
  4. Once you get to the box where you see {word1|word2|word3|word4} All over the place
  5. Then you can go (Free) here in a new tab in your browser:
  6. Register free with that site
  7. Then go cut and paste the article from you generated with funky brackets into the new box on the link provided
  8. Click Expand Phrases, Done, Continue then keep clicking Re-Spin over and over and you will see new variations of the article you started!

These free article spinner tools working together will accomplish everything that you are trying to accomplish online with fresh new content and the best part it is 100% free. Check out the tab “User Plans” and you will see you are only able to add 500 words non registered or 5000 words if you register.

So either you can chop your article up in smaller 500 word sections or just register for free and get 5000 word articles spun.

Hope this helps leave comments if you have any suggestions or examples of using these free article spinner tools…

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