Facebook How To’s!

Ever wanted to learn the most important FaceBook How To’s all in one place?

Here I will go over many of the different strategies that has made me and others a lot of money advertising on FaceBook as well as using FaceBook Live and chat to make money online! It is very important to create an audience that you can market to. Gain a complete understanding of custom audiences, lookalike audiences and saved audiences. Learn how to use them to take your marketing to the next level.

One of the methods that I use a lot is a simple cut and paste system that is very personal which people seem to like and if done right it can get massive results. It will take a little more time since you are doing this one on one but in the basic FaceBook how to’s scheme of things it is exactly what you should be doing daily if not weekly for a few hours.

What I do is go into a group with like minded people such as popular public figure Robert Kiyosaki. Then I scope out the comment section on a post he did. Here you will see people leaving comments on the topic he posted. Usually I send a friend request with a simple hello… Hello I know you do not know me personally yet but I just found you in the Robert Kiyosaki and I saw you left a comment that I can truly relate to so what is it that you do? This question right here can go in many different directions and it could also lead you to a good new relationship with a person who is willing to do business with you or perhaps be interested in an affiliate program you are currently promoting!

Recently I came across a neat program that will teach you all the FaceBook how to’s all in one place!

  • Facebook Ad Campaign Objective
    Next we start at the very beginning of the ad process. We will take a look at all of the types of ads that you can run on Facebook. Then we explore the how to choose the advertising objective that is right for you.
  • Facebook Ad Sets – Audience Selection
    The next step in the ad creation process is selecting your target audience. In this module we walk through the step of selecting an audience that is right for you.
  • Facebook Ad Sets – Placement
    It’s time to explore where we want out ads to be seen. We will go through each of the ad placement options available to you and talk about when it is best to choose one over the other.
  • Facebook Ad Sets – Budget & Scheduling
    This section is all defining how much to spend, how often, for how long, and when we want our ads to be seen.
  • And Much Much More!

Learn More here: FaceBook Advertising Pro


Now As a digital marketer, it is your job to stay 1 step ahead and to be on the forefront of emerging technologies. Every new type of content or piece of hardware creates many new opportunities to find an audience and engage with them in a way that’s new, exciting and impactful.

Every time a new form of media comes along and creates a new “paradigm shift,” new stars are born!

And right now, the latest and most exciting platform of this nature is FaceBook live video. Live video lets you engage with your audience like you never did before and communicate with them directly – even responding to comments.

FaceBook Advertising Pro


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