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Facebook Lead Generation.

What you are about to witness is Facebook lead generation at its’ finest! Trust me when I say this. Once you watch this video below you will become one step closer to generating 10 plus leads per day into your organization.

Businessman connects to social media on grey background. Facebook.

We all know that generating leads and new clients is the lifeblood of our business. So without new people constantly coming into your funnel that you create on or off line then you will never succeed.

Consistency is the key to this whole journey you are bout to take. Everyone starts somewhere and in the process they reflect and realize perhaps things need to be changed and that one little tweak could put you into a whole new tax bracket. Monthly residual income all from Facebook lead generation.

Below in this video you will get to see an MLSP member describe in detail how she uses Facebook and her Fan page to generate free leads. Yes it requires a little work but this is as simple as it gets and makes complete sense. not may people would ever think to use Facebook in this way to generate leads for their business so click play and enjoy. Get a note pad and a pencil

Facebook Lead Generation

What I like most about the video above is that she is so authentic and you can tell she is really pouring her heart out and letting us in on something that she is actually and consistently making work for her.

Unlike most webinars where the host shows only a portion and gets us all excited then asks to buy something this is our MLSP weekly hangout sessions. We do this all the time and we are currently looking to train more people. There are weekly webinars hosted by 6 and 7 figure earners.

MLSP Mostly is made up of Network Marketers who are looking to generate leads by branding themselves professionally online or maybe they just want to learn how write killer ads and use Facebook Ads to pay for leads…

Either way My Lead System Pro has everything you need and all the training that will help anyone no matter where they are in their business. Day one or year 10 everyone could use a mentor especially when new tips and tricks are being created everyday. We sometimes need someone to help us along the way.

This is where I come in…

Hello my name is Matt and I am willing to help anyone reading this blog post to generate leads online. I am not charging any money and I don’t even care if you do not want to join my network marketing company.

Think about that all these people online trying everything they can to convince people to join their KICK BUTT MLM! When here I am letting you know there is a way for me & you to get paid and get satisfaction in knowing we helped someone else in the same industry as us grow their own business. Perhaps through Facebook lead generation or maybe you like Twitter or Instagram lead generation it’s all good we have the training for every fraction of social media that is online today.

Learn about MLSP and Facebook Lead Generation all in one place!

Click Here: getmlspmastery.com

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How SEO is Done

How SEO Is Done

This is exactly how SEO is done correctly! Another exciting issue of Digital Marketing Weekly is done and dusted!

This week, DMW #19 reveals:

  • The 3 Big YouTube Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind
  • Why Video Subtitles Are Still Critical To Your Business
  • The End Of DMOZ And The Evolution Of SEO
  • How To Create Your Own Video Newsletter

So watch the video below to catch up on biggest and most important news that impacts your business, in the fast moving worlds of Video Marketing, SEO and Social Media!

Google not only getting smarter at predicting what users are searching for, but also at blocking specific SEO methods from working like they once used to.

After hearing about a bunch of first-time internet marketing “newbies” using this TOP SECRET Market Samurai software to easily capture front-page rankings, traffic and sales in their first few weeks online, I had to check it out.

I was so impressed how seo is done by the software that I even worked out a deal to give you INSTANT ACCESS to download it at NO COST to see for yourself just how powerful it is.


If you want the secret to quick, profitable, high traffic Google rankings – the secret is finding the “right” keywords…

And this tool will help you achieve just that:

There are over 901913 other results-driven internet marketers using it already just in its first few months online.

Don’t get left behind – get free access to this software, and try out its advanced features here:

Try Market Samurai For Free!

How SEO Is Done Correctly!


If you want to be able to…

* Effectively analyze your SEO competition instead of fighting and losing costly and time-consuming battles against almost unbeatable competitors.

* Find relevant web content that fits your chosen keywords instead of being forced to research and write content the old way – from start-to-finish by yourself, or paying for outsourcing.

* Find opportunities to build high-value backlinks to your content from relevant sites, practically on autopilot – including valuable blog pingback links.

… then make sure you go here now before it too late:

And more important than anything, Market Samurais enables you to follow the 4 Golden Rules of SEO:

* SEO Golden Rule #1 – Pick keywords that ATTRACT TRAFFIC, and avoid 90% of all keywords that will NOT attract traffic.

* SEO Golden Rule #2 – Pick keywords that have COMMERCIAL VALUE, and avoid all of the unprofitable, useless-traffic keywords.

* SEO Golden Rule #3 – Pick keywords with LOW LEVELS OF COMPETITION – and avoid keywords that give you have no chance to get front-page Google rankings.

Only around 1% of all keywords fit within these 4 Golden Rules.

If you EVER want to drive free search engine traffic to your website, then without Market Samurai you’re playing “SEO Roulette” with the odds stacked against you at 100 to 1, trying to “GUESS” the right keywords to target!

Don’t get left behind by those that take action while you sit there and wonder.

Make sure you get Market Samurai before your 35% discount. By my calculations, most users only have a few hours left!


To Your Success!


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FaceBook Comment Section Marketing 101

Facebook Comment Section Marketing 101

There are so many ways to get leads on social media now a days that it could drive you insane! So what I have always stressed is to find one or two ways and focus on them until you master them and then maybe go to something else later.

FaceBook comment section marketing I believe is a hidden 6 figure Gem!

Check out this video I made below. The things I learned and implemented in this very video has gotten me more than 5 leads the first day of implementation!

7 Online Business Secrets to Get More Leads, Sales, Sign-Ups, Clients, Cashflow… and how to Magically Make Money from Every Prospect You Talk To.

YES I am ready to make a decision!

I want it all PLUS my complimentary coaching strategy session NOW!

>>>FaceBook Comment Section Marketing<<<

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Online Lead Generation Tools

Facebook Comment Section Marketing 101

There are so many ways to get leads on social media now a days that it could drive you insane! So what I have always stressed is to find one or two ways and focus on them until you master them and then maybe go to something else later.

FaceBook comment section marketing I believe is a hidden 6 figure Gem!

Check out this video I made below. The things I learned and implemented in this very video has gotten me more than 5 leads the first day of implementation!

7 Online Business Secrets to Get More Leads, Sales, Sign-Ups, Clients, Cashflow… and how to Magically Make Money from Every Prospect You Talk To.

YES I am ready to make a decision!

I want it all PLUS my complimentary coaching strategy session NOW!

>>>FaceBook Comment Section Marketing<<<


Online Lead Generation Tools!

Finally some good online lead generation tools that I can use and enjoy and feel good about promoting! This is what I have been looking for for so long and I wish I was introduced to this a lot earlier. I always enjoyed training people and creating videos that share my knowledge and now with MLSP My Lead System Pro Mastery addition everything is possible.

I just shot this video it is 13 minutes long and I share my view of this monster online lead generation tools system! Everything you could ever dream of when it comes to branding yourself and generation of qualified leads is all in one place… Click Bottom Right To Make Video Full Screen.

See if this is for you and give it a try. $10 for the 1st 10 days is what I did and I was happy to pay for this. Some of the stuff in MLSP is priceless!

Start Your $10 Trial Today!

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FaceBook How To’s

Facebook How To’s!

Ever wanted to learn the most important FaceBook How To’s all in one place?

Here I will go over many of the different strategies that has made me and others a lot of money advertising on FaceBook as well as using FaceBook Live and chat to make money online! It is very important to create an audience that you can market to. Gain a complete understanding of custom audiences, lookalike audiences and saved audiences. Learn how to use them to take your marketing to the next level.

One of the methods that I use a lot is a simple cut and paste system that is very personal which people seem to like and if done right it can get massive results. It will take a little more time since you are doing this one on one but in the basic FaceBook how to’s scheme of things it is exactly what you should be doing daily if not weekly for a few hours.

What I do is go into a group with like minded people such as popular public figure Robert Kiyosaki. Then I scope out the comment section on a post he did. Here you will see people leaving comments on the topic he posted. Usually I send a friend request with a simple hello… Hello I know you do not know me personally yet but I just found you in the Robert Kiyosaki and I saw you left a comment that I can truly relate to so what is it that you do? This question right here can go in many different directions and it could also lead you to a good new relationship with a person who is willing to do business with you or perhaps be interested in an affiliate program you are currently promoting!

Recently I came across a neat program that will teach you all the FaceBook how to’s all in one place!

  • Facebook Ad Campaign Objective
    Next we start at the very beginning of the ad process. We will take a look at all of the types of ads that you can run on Facebook. Then we explore the how to choose the advertising objective that is right for you.
  • Facebook Ad Sets – Audience Selection
    The next step in the ad creation process is selecting your target audience. In this module we walk through the step of selecting an audience that is right for you.
  • Facebook Ad Sets – Placement
    It’s time to explore where we want out ads to be seen. We will go through each of the ad placement options available to you and talk about when it is best to choose one over the other.
  • Facebook Ad Sets – Budget & Scheduling
    This section is all defining how much to spend, how often, for how long, and when we want our ads to be seen.
  • And Much Much More!

Learn More here: FaceBook Advertising Pro


Now As a digital marketer, it is your job to stay 1 step ahead and to be on the forefront of emerging technologies. Every new type of content or piece of hardware creates many new opportunities to find an audience and engage with them in a way that’s new, exciting and impactful.

Every time a new form of media comes along and creates a new “paradigm shift,” new stars are born!

And right now, the latest and most exciting platform of this nature is FaceBook live video. Live video lets you engage with your audience like you never did before and communicate with them directly – even responding to comments.

FaceBook Advertising Pro


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Rohn: 3 Keys to Becoming Wealthy

Jim Rohn:

3 Keys to Becoming Wealthy

Plan for tomorrow instead of living for today.
Jim Rohn

A man I knew had an MBA from Harvard and an engineering degree from MIT. Smart guy. When he retired, he started doing what he liked best: teaching college courses in economics and business planning. But when he taught economics, he also taught personal economics. This is the philosophy that he started his classes with: Decide how you want to live now, versus how long you want to work.

This means that if you spend everything you make now, you’ll have no choice but to work longer and harder. But if you start investing in your financial future now, you’ll have many choices. You can retire early, travel more, continue your career or start a new career later in life. Once again, it all comes down to choices. Think tomorrow today… and live better tomorrow.

Here’s the next thing to think of when you’re planning your future of wealth: Be careful with your credit cards. Selling money is big business. You probably get invitations in the mail to sign up for a new credit card a couple of times a month! Having some credit cards is important. Especially if you travel. They’re safer and easier to track than cash.

But be careful; credit is the easiest way to get into debt. When you buy something with a little piece of plastic, you don’t feel the effect until you get the bill. So make sure that whatever you buy, you’re still happy with your purchase after you get the bill.

Read Full Article Here

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7 Tips for Replacing Bad Habits

with Positive Habits.

By Jeff Olson
We all have personal and professional bad habits that we would like to break. As much as we despise our bad habits, it can be challenging to make these habits things of the past. So, what is the solution? I have found the best way to erase a bad habit is to replace it with a positive habit.Jeff Olson

First, think of our habits as a cycle. A habit is something you do without thinking. And, there are two kinds of habits: Those that serve you and those that do not serve you. Brushing your teeth is a habit that serves you; biting your nails is one that doesn’t. Thinking things through for yourself serves you; blindly accepting everything you read online or hear through the gossip grapevine doesn’t serve you. Be aware of your philosophy, which creates your attitude, which creates your actions, which creates your results, which create your life.

A positive philosophy turns into a positive attitude, which turns into positive actions, which turns into positive results, which turns into a positive lifestyle. The small decisions are easy, and when you add them up, they can have an enormous effect on your life. This cycle is hard to maintain, but I go into more depth in my book, The Slight Edge.

1. Show up. 

2. Show up consistently. 

3. Cultivate a positive outlook. 

4. Be committed for the long haul.

5. Cultivate a burning desire backed by faith, not hoping or wishing, but knowing. 

6. Be willing to pay the price. 

7. Do the things you’ve committed to doing, even when no one else is watching.

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

Article by Jeff Olson Author of The Slight Edge Read Full Article



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Lead Generation Mastery

Are you struggling with lead generation?

You’re not the only one.

It’s the #1 problem for home business owners!

Ever wish you could just have the top marketers in the business show you HOW they do it?

How much easier would your life be if they just took an hour of their time and showed you their most effective strategies as you watched right over their shoulder?

I just came across a video where 5 of the TOP lead generation experts and income earners in our industry do exactly that.

You’ve got to see this to believe it.



= => www.leadgenmastery.com

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